JavaScript SiteSearch Generator

JavaScript SiteSearch Generator 1.4

It creates full-text search indexes for your WebHelp, CD/DVD catalogs, websites
1.5.2 (See all)

It was designed to create full-text search indexes for your WebHelp systems, CD/DVD catalogs, websites, and for other applications based on the use of html or text files.
It's a simple and easy to use search engine with all common features, that help you to implement a basic search functionality.

You can use it also as a supporting command-line tool, that parses your files and generates an index for your own search engine, no matter if it is for a web or for the desktop applications.

- Easy to implement search engine with source codes
- Simple to use tool for generating the index files
- Predefined templates with a various search functions
- Custom templates support
- Project files management
- Highlighting the searched terms in a result
- Web resources indexing support
- Various options to customize the search index
- Generating the indexes from a command-line

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